As a cultural crucible, political capital and home to citizens of the world, Berlin comes into its own as night descends. The end of each day is just the beginning of something new for the city, and BOSS explores this electric and ever-innovative vision of urban life for Pre-Spring 2019.


The first delivery, ‘Midnight’ takes a snapshot as the clock hits 12. This is a city at night, but not asleep: streetlights and neon signs illuminate the urban architecture as people fill the bars and clubs. The concrete structure of iconic techno club Tresor, boldly lit and filled with smoke, is a key inspiration.


In a sophisticated vision of metropolitan nightlife, the TUXEDO is a central story, but always worn in a new way, designed with modern attitude. VELVET provides a considered dose of texture, yet is worn in a relaxed way and also treated in OMBRÉ shades. Modern BLACK AND WHITE CHECKS deliver a graphic  
element, reflecting the streaking lights, or the vivid stripes of road markings lit by the surrounding nightlife


The colour scheme for this delivery amplifies the mood, recreating the hues of the urban world at night with tones of black, a new midnight blue, subdued warm rust, all shot through with metallic grey and a bright raspberry shade. 

The second delivery, ‘Good Morning,’ depicts Berlin as the night draws to a close, with empty city streets lit by the bright hues of sunrise before a pale blue dawn breaks. Styling reflects the gentler mood of the early hours, with SOFT MONOCHROME pieces and whole outfits realized in single shades of navy, steel blue or new olive, ranging from bright to deep.  

The graphic story is inspired by URBAN SIGNS AND STRIPES like tiles and steps, also changing patterns of light that move across the streets and buildings. An urban mood is achieved with the use of lines and blocks, along with CONSTRUCTED SPORTY DETAILS and elements of contrasting colours and materials held in precise proportional balance.  In combination, the effect is renewing and fresh, yet resolutely urban.